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I have worked with visual communication since 2007 and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in media design in 2012. My work experience includes design of printed media, digital advertisement, and motion graphics, design and development of web applications, editorial sites, and campaign sites, event and portrait photography as well as filmed interviews.

I am often the collaborator of choice due to keen eye for design and deep understanding of the technology behind the fields I have chosen to make my living. Creating exciting and clear cut visual design solutions always produced through efficient working methods.


Appreciation for the artistry of light and composition at an early age led me buy my first professional camera at the age of 19. Since then I have invested in over 5 cameras and 15 lenses for professional use. In my photographs, I strive to capturing the atmosphere and surrounding of the subject using natural light.

My professional work has included portrait photography for politicians and small businesses, wedding portraits as well as documentary form video production.

Photography services I provide:

Portraits Events Weddings

Key knowledge:

Post-processing Retouching Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Arifical lighting Sony XDCAM Sony Alpha Canon EOS

Web Design & Development

My career in web design and development started with creating WordPress sites for small businesses and non-profits. In later years, I have primarily worked with developing web applications and campaign sites with the help of back-end and front-end frameworks like Laravel, Bootstrap and Vue. I love the thrill of testing out new programming languages and frameworks for each new project I start, currently looking into getting to know React and Ruby on Rails.

My web development projects include sites I have designed and developed from the ground up as well as implementing designs in collaboration with others. My colleagues often express their appreciation for my ability make their designs come to life and enhancing the expected result.

Design and development services I provide:

Web applications Organisational sites Editorial sites Single serving campaign sites

Key knowledge:

Laravel WordPress PHP MySQL Composer Webpack VueJS ChartJS NodeJS/NPM Yarn SASS Bootstrap ES6/ES2015 Ubuntu OpenStack Nginx GIT VSCode

Motion Graphics

With the advent of social media, the demand has grown for communication via moving graphics and images. Due in part to the medium’s potential draw and sustaining attention of social media consumers and also because of platforms such as Facebook’s preference of videos ahead of images in the news feed.

In working with motion graphics, I strive to incorporate fundamental storytelling methods with natural motion and clear cut typographic messaging.

Motion graphics services I provide:

Infographics Social media graphics Vignettes/Titles

Key knowledge:

Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Final Cut Pro

Graphic Design

I started my career in printed ad production shortly after finishing my primary education, working with graphic and web design while getting my postgraduate education in design and communication.

With over a decade of work experience in printed and digital media I have gained the technical know-how and attention to detail to create lasting visual solution for brands and people.

Graphic design services I provide:

Print Logos/Brands Infographics Buissness Cards Brochures Wedding Invitations

Key knowledge:

Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Typography Vector Graphics

Curriculum Vitae


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Media Design

Luleå University of Technology

180 hp, 2009 – 2012


Umeå University

7,5 hp, 2007

English A

Umeå University

30 hp, 2006

Technology and Design

Furuhed Upper Secondary School in Kalix

Elementary Schooling, 2003-2006

Work Experience

Nordqvist Design

Graphic Designer / Web Developer / Owner

November 2007 – Present

Swedish Social Democratic Party

Digital Producer

September 2016 – August 2017

Swedish Social Democratic Party

Digital Producer / Front-End Developer

December 2014 – May 2015

Swedish Social Democratic Party /
Social Democratic Youth League

Digital Producer / Front-End Developer

December 2014 – May 2015

Soya Kommunikation

WordPress & Web Development Consultant

November 2011 – May 2014

ReklamGuiden Kalix

Graphic Designer / Photographer

March 2007 – December 2013

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